Autumn / Winter 2021

AUTUMN ORANGE - An effervescent citrus fragrance dominated by sweet orange and complemented by creamy sandalwood and amber.

CRANBERRY ORANGE - A slightly sweetened fruity accord with notes of cranberry and juicy notes of orange, raspberry, apricot and peach enriched by aromatic notes

CRANBERRY MINT - A sweet frosted berries fragrance with notes of strawberry, raspberry and cherry complemented by cooling nuances of menthol and mint.

APPLE CINNAMON - A blend of spicy cinnamon and clove, apple and vanilla

CINNAMON VANILLA -  A rich mouthwatering aroma with warm cinnamon, cloves and crushed ginger rounded with iced coconut and raisins.

GINGER NUTMEG -A rich spice woody garland with grated nutmeg, freshly sliced ginger, winter juniper berries and cardamom seeds lifted by Sicilian winter lemons a base of dry lavender flowers and warm spices is smoothed by dark woods and cool amber

WINTER - This festive aromatic spicy accord opens with citrus orange and lemon followed by rich warm cinnamon, ginger and clove with hints of floral jasmine and fresh pine resting on a base of sensual woods and musk

FRANKINCENSE - The warm aromatic aura of the passion of Christmas with frankincense immersed in warm amber, rock rose and myrrh. These are complimented by three regal woods from the Orient, cedar, vetiver and patchouli.

PEACH COBBLER - A mouthwatering peach cobbler composed with soft stewed peach, demerara sugar, buttery sponge and a hint of vanilla sprinkled with a light covering of nutmeg and cinnamon.